ok, so when my hellraiser comes in, i would like to get an overdrive pedal for future use on the 'not-so-harsh' stuff i play...but i wanted something different than the boss overdrive so...anyone played one of these..are they decent for the $190 price tag?

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well i bought the enligsh muff'n at a local store for $170 and i think it was worth every penny. It is a bit on the trebly side but i think that's cause of my high output super distortion, you just have to lower the treble. It can do 60's, 70's, and 80's rock really well and can even get into 80's metal territory, i really like mine but you should try it out before you buy it, but i highly reccomend it.
I like mine, but I got it used for $70 on Craigslist. So for the money it felt like a steal.