any good ones? btw im willing to go to 600
but the only good one seemed to be the line 6 (prepares for flames)
i play metal and i like blues solos and ill mostly be using it for practice with the rare gig and i like tubes but idk the difference with solidstate to be honest. i play a shecter with emgs and i like combos but stacks are fine ,reverb is a must.
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what style do you play? what do you want in an amp? sure there are good ones in the 500-600 price range but we need more info in order to suggest an amp that would suit you well.
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Not giving us information about what you're really looking for?

What kind of music do you play, will it be practice amp or gigging, solid state or tube preference, etc etc

Let us know all taht and I'm sure we can help you.
do you want a combo or a stack? you could get a marshall mg stack for 600 but anything cheap in marshall normally sucks .... if you get a line 6 go with a stack i used to have a line 6 combo it wasnt too bad but you will want a stack later on for sure.... but theres no substitute for tube amps so just pay the extra money to get one and build your own cab....
Just got a new fender blues junior, it's amazing, I love the clean sound
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if you want a line 6, go for the flextone....it's actually one of the few SS amps that doesnt get that much flaming, if little....i got my 100w flexy w/ floorboard for $200..great buy!

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