I need some input guys. I'm torn up between getting the Blackheart 5 watt Little Giant or the Crate V18-212. If its the Blackheart then I'd be getting the seperate head with the cab.
The purpose of getting anything at all is that I want a lower wattage amp, as I presently have the 100W B-52 AT-100 which rarely gets past 1 on the master volume, and I'm going to have it in my largish converted closet in the bedroom. It won't be used for gig's, and I want to make use of my effects pedals (mainly distortion and mayby my GT-8 if I want more effects) I mainly play thrash metal but nice clean tones are a must.
I've read a lot of great reviews for both amps and I'm hoping to be able to try them both out at lunch today but any thoughts would really be appreciated. Please don't suggest other amps as I've already decided that its between these two. Thanks.
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THe blackheart is the Little Giant, Handsome Devil is the 15 watt version. I would go for the Blackheart. You will need pedals for teh br00talz but its nice because it is 3/5 watt switchable. So you can have good lead tones without pedal and crushing rythm with a pedal.
wow, okay, no question about it now. The V18 is LOUD, which equals not good for the bedroom in case anyone is wondering.