Alright guys,

lokking at reviews and forum stuffs, i am seriously looking into an engl or a peavey. looking at either a Peavey 6505, or an Engl Thunder. Not sure wheter itll be a combo or head and cab yet tho.

just a couple of questions:

-Which has the most gain (high gain - meshuggah, threat signal)

-Which is more reliable?

Thanks guys,

well i havnt played the thunder, but have tried other models of engl, and iam getting a 6505 combo, i know the peavey has an utterly stupid amount of gain! and the engl's i've played had plenty! enough gain anyway, so base your decision on tone, not gain, because these amps put out lot's of pre.
Between those two amps it comes down to taste; try them both and see which you prefer.
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They both have ridiculous amounts of gain, you're really best trying them out and seeing which one you prefer.