I amm going to build my first guitar from scratch. I am starting with a set of vintage P90's and want to pair them up with the best wood. I have heard that P90's love mahogany. I want to do a top plate in quilt as well.

What would be the best combination to accomplish this?

I am leaning towards a mahogany body and a maple quilt top.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

You've answered your own question. Mahogany Body with Maple Top is a great combo. No need to go any farther there. What are you doing about the neck? Bolt-on or set? Mahogany is great for that as well if going set-in.
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i would use morning wood.

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And I agree with Ken G. Mahogany body and a maple top is a classic combination. You could try other woods but if you are going for a les paul type sound then its a good choice.
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i would use morning wood.

Your scale length would be too small...


You cant go wrong with mahogany + quilted maple

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Mahogany and maple it is. For the neck I will probably go mahogany as well. I guess I was thinking correctly on this one.
If you want to set the neck vs bolt it on, it's a little harder to build and align but STEW MAC sells jigs for routers so you can make mating joints (Tenon & receiving pocket). Be sure to post pics whenyou're finished the wood working, I'd like to see.

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