im stuck for ideas on what i want for my birthday this year, last year i got an ibanez and i dunno if i should get new EMG's and sperzles for it or, get a bass and an amp or getting an electric drum kit (i cant drum).

i think im more likely to either get the bass of the new stuff for my ibanez due to not having that much room for the drums.

the bass il get is proberly an ibanez BTB200, my friend recomended i get an ashdown MAG amp.

but i need help to decide.

what do you think UG?
What gear do you currently got? What do you want to sound like? What features do you like from your gear?
currently ive got a dean ML (w/ EMGs and sperzles), ibanez RG and a marshall MG15. i prefer the sound of my dean to my RG.
new amp imo, i have the one you have

i dont know what i would suggest though

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I'd go for a good amp first.

You could have the best sounding bass in the world, but played through a shoddy amp it's gonna sound like crap.

Warwicks are normally safe bets, as are Ashdown Mags. Mark Bass also if you can afford it as well as Gallien-Kruegers (minus the backline range, which is a bit meh)
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I would have to say get the Ashdown, those are usually highly recommended around here
I say get what you think you need the most. If you think you need better pickups, get the pickups. If you think you need bass gear, get the bass gear. And if you want to try out the drums, get the drums. Also considering you're in the bass forum, you didn't choose the most objective people.

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