I know how to put everything back on except one set of screws, the ones that have the springs and the rubber things on them, what order do the go into the pick guard and pick ups with? Do I take the rubber things off and put them on after? When do the springs go on? I would be very thankful if someone could put a step by step walkthrough for the order of this.

I have a fat strat, so it has a humber, so there's only four of the screws with the springs.

Also, I got black knobs and such and I can't get the stupid tremolo piece on, any tips or do I just ram it really hard?
put the screws through the holes, then slot the rubber/springs on, then screw the screws into the pickups

if you have the old trem bit off, i'd try ramming it.
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
I put humber haha. Meant humbucker obviously, but thanks a bunch man.