I'm sick of my old crappy Yamaha erg-121 and am looking to get a new guitar. Here are some requirements:
-price:200-500EUR (320-800USD/160-400GBP)
-should be at least decent for all types of music, and good for metal and rock
-no FR or double-locking trem

Here's some guitars i've thought of:
- Ibanez RG321
- Epiphone LP or SG
Are these any good or are there better ones out there?
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If you're going up to 800 $ USD you can get a Schecter Hellraiser, which is an amazing guitar with an amazing feel (to me).

If you don't like Schecter's slightly thicker necks, then check out some ESP Eclipse models. The EC-1000 should be right in your price range, or this baby http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-MH1000-non-trem-Electric-Guitar?sku=518619 .

Another consideration would be a Gibson Faded model, as they're again, in your pricerange, have a hardtail, play very nicely and are hardtails.

If you can get over the fact that it has a trem an Ibanez 1570 is a very, very, very nice guitar.
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I have the RG321, it's a solid guitar and it can deliver what you want. Keep in mind that you'll need to make some upgrades to make it a great guitar, as you will with almost any guitar in that price range. It'll need new pick ups eventually, and strings seem to affect its tone more than they would on my other guitars. Tuners can go out of tune fairly easily too; get a Grover. (I haven't invested in any upgrades to my 321, but that's because it's my backup guitar. No need for a great sound out of it as I don't use it a lot).
Personally, I hate Epiphones and I would never recommend them. I just don't like their feel that much.

You may be interested in checking out PRS SE guitars (the cheaper models). They're not incredible or anything, but they're very good-sounding. The drummer in my band has one of those, and he swears by it. Nice wood too. Check 'em out.
^ Yea i'd say look at a PRS SE, can play all types of music very well and sound great.
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to the hellraiser.
If your thinking about a Lp Try a new Epiphone LP Custom or a Used Gibson Studio.
I highly reccomend an Epiphone Les Paul. Get a Les Paul Custom, great guitars, look nice and play nice.
what about a fender mexican fat strat?
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Yamaha ERG-121
Tokai SG-35/CH (my brother's guitar, which I sometimes use)

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fenders range in sound and tone, they can play anything you want, bt for that heavy metal/rock sound,go the BC or AXL series. But all you can play is heavy music, ditortion built into the pick ups
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Get a Schecter C-1 Classic
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If your into rock and metal.. I'd say the SG rather then the LP, LPs aren't really metal guitars but can still be great for rock, but the SG has a gritty sound and its slightly more versatile to Metal and Rock but both aren't really heavy into metal so it really matters what style your more into if your heavy into metal take the RG321 or the SG(not as metal but is a happy medium) or if your more into rock get the LP or even the SG is excellent for rock too
any schecter
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