Greetings, All --

Brand new to this forum; very glad it's here. Thanks for having me!

Okay, so I feel like I'm losing my mind -- I hope you can help.

I just bought a new acoustic/electric Yamaha APX900 and, despite my "falling in love with it" it has, to my great disappointment, a tinny metallic buzz on the low E on the first 5 frets. On first purchasing it, I of course noticed this buzz and at the time it was not only the in E but the A and D stings as well (also first 5 frets). I was assured this could be adjusted in a setup and so I went with it. A setup and a few mm higher on the action and here we are, still with a buzz on E. I think I might be able to sneak in one more mm, but it's getting a little silly already, i.e. I feel like I could get my head in there if I was so inclined.

Now. To the title of this thread -- am I really just playing this new machine too hard??? I've talked with several guitar techs in the NYC are (some have seen the guitar and heard my playing and some have not) and all of them start off by saying "Well, if you play any guitar in the world hard enough..." This drives me wild. I've been playing for over ten years and have never noticed a buzz quite like this on most acoustics or acoustic/electrics that I have played. What's crazier is that I don't even necessarily feel that these guys are being dishonest, per se. I do, however, get the feeling that they believe I'm just either A) an inexperienced player who can't play an "honest guitar" for what it is or B) I don't know what I'm talking about.

As to A): I'm not inexperienced but I'm no instrumentalist. I don't "strum", "pluck" or "compose". I've never had proper lessons; I'm a songwriter that has always considered his guitar somewhat of an percussive extension as well as a stringed one. POINT: This isn't my first or last guitar (although I spent enough money on it for me to want it to be my last for a long while until I win the lottery) but I could probably not be considered a conventional player, no matter how good or bad I am.

As to B): I won't profess that I DO know what I'm talking about. All I know for sure is that I hate this tinny metallic buzz and I don't know if I'd like to re-write 10 years worth of songs in order to make my darn guitar BUZZ LESS. I could learn to live with it, I suppose, but why settle unless I don't have a choice?

To both A) AND B): I really don't feel like I'm playing THAT hard to get this buzz. But I just can't seem to get much of a reaction from any of the techs I've talked to nonetheless. The bottom line is they think I'm playing too hard.

What am I, Thor? (Sadly, no -- I'm not.)

Any feedback/reaction would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do to hook up a link to the sound of the guitar and/or a pic of the action as it is now; the neck, etc.

Thanks so much and again -- thanks for having me.



PS Any techs anyone knows in the NYC area I could/should talk to about this issue?
Well, as you know, the techs are correct in that if you play any guitar hard enough it will buzz. I'm not saying you are, I'm just saying that you could be. These thin and small body guitars seem to have more issues with fret buzz than full size guitars in my experience as well. I haven't ever been able to ascertain why this is the case, but it definitely proves to be.

So you said that you had a set up done on the guitar, correct? Did you do it yourself or did you take it and pay a professional to do it? If you are doing it yourself, take it somewhere. Raising the action is certainly not always the fix for fret buzz.

If you have taken it to a pro, how long ago was it?
Big thanks to jimtaka and others who commented. I ended up finally taking the Yamaha back to the vendor and demanding that they in turn give me my money back which, thankfully, they did!

I'm now the proud owner of a Martin X Series: DCX1E acoustic/electric -- very little to no buzz on all frets (though I did tweak the action a bit myself with carefully cut wood pieces for the desired effect).

Again, thanks to all for the rational, well-considered feedback/commiseration; not sure where the other comments disappeared to, but... in any case, thanks!