Okay, i went to radioshack today and bought a six foot cable and an adapter to make it fit my computer

i plugged the cable into the "line" jack (or whatever you call it)
i plugged the other end into the front microphone jack on my computer
and nothing happened
i plugged it into the Rear Mic jack
a window popped up and i clicked on microphone
ive used audacity and the windows sound recorder to see if anything was coming through
and i got nothing!

i unplugged the cable from the line jack, and yea, my amp is working fine.
i plugged it back in and turned the volume ALL THE WAY UP
and my computer was still getting nothing

It's hard to kill a monster with a knife
But judging from the blood on my hands,
He won't be back for a while
check your sound options on the computer and unmute your microphone, or whatever may be muted...
Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Devices -> click the Voice tab at the top -> Use the dropdown box to make sure your microphone is selected under the Voice Recording as the default device
thanks guys
It's hard to kill a monster with a knife
But judging from the blood on my hands,
He won't be back for a while
dont supose anyone here can help me....iv got a valveking 212 combo and want to know how to record it straight to my mac (garageband/logic)...there isnt a lineout or headphone socket on it, but there is an external speaker socket for additional cabs..but it sounds crappy pluged into to that...does anyone know of any tricks that could help me, or any CHEAP gear i might need to get?

you cant run a speaker output to anything other than a speaker, doing so will hurt the amp and/or computer.

They make load boxes that will give you a headphone port however it's best to use a mic and mic the amp as you get a better tone out of it all.

or you can get modeling software and an interface which will take your guitar directly...
but once again, it would sound great...
thats for your help and quick response!
where would you plug in the headphone port thingy?
to make a mic sound good, do you have to splash the cash?
i have amplitube that is awsome, think i might get a proper interface for that...i was just wondering if ther was any way i could use my amp to record