Alright guys my computer says it is time for me to install service pack 3.
I have heard very mixed reactions, ranging from bad to slightly good.
Should I do it? Does it slow me down? Does it hurt? Does it help?

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My opinion? No, stay with 2, service packs are nothing but hassle (in my opinion). Wait a few months to see what other people are saying about downloading it. I know downloading SP2 messed up my old PC.
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Go for it, I've had it a while and it's all cool.
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Don't bother. As far as upgrading Microsoft products go I think if it ain't broke don't fix it.
try it, even if u don't like it, just go to system restore and your fine.
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If your going to install it make a backup of your computer first. It installed on my laptop fine but it gaved my desktop the blue screen of death message when ever I turned it on untell it got fixed.
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I dont notice any differences from SP2 to SP3...go for it
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