Well, you've got the speed, but maybe practice phrasing, bending, and staying in key?
Learn theory...please x) The thing is far too chaotic, I think that you're not a bad player, but even a bit of melody, or even playing to a backing track (or metronome...) could help you do a good solo. There were good licks there, but they got lost in the sea of chaotic finger movement!
^ hhaha yeah i agree. I just filmed me playing really fast. Every time i try to learn theory i just get bored. But i know i really need to. I dont know jack **** about modes or keys or any of that.

so yeah im a noob.
For 4 years of playing that was pretty painful to listen to. Work on a little bit of everything...
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too metaly, what is it about guitarists only doijng metal now, but yeh its allright, on my profile theres a youtube vid of me, this is an improvised solo, without bothering to do any scales (although i know many now) or sound set up, it was literelly plug in and play and it was a long time ago so im better now but any comments, please give.
dude that wasn't metally - please learn some theory focus on phrasing and creating a melody ... shredders do not play like this ... it isn't even impressive because it sounds like noise. The reason shred is impressive is firstly because it is clean and has at least some bare minimum of melody... and secondly because its fast