y'all heard me Pimps lets talk bad gangsta,fo shizzle

how dizzle your day go,biotch's?
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Centorium you dick
I keep lookin behind me,You're amazing at this

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Dam,Cent, ur repeating man scares the shit out of me, its so true

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Omg Cent,Ive been havin nightmares because of u

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**** you man,I was just going to bed

I'm scary
uh no
Oct. 20th, 2009: New guitar AND front row for Mars Volta.

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Is that a ukulele in your pants, or did you just rip ass to the tune of "Aloha Oi"?

I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
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Psh, mah day was goin' FINE until you showed up.

This shizzle won't NEVA take off byotch!
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.