Moved from the Punk Section. But anyways. What do you guys think about Strung Out? They're not really well known as a lot of other bands, but I really dig their punk/metal feel to them. Really high energy stuff. What about their last album?
one of my favourite bands, if not favourite. Id easily rank them as some of the best musicians in punk, jordan burns is amazing

i have every cd, ep and most LP's on vinyl as well

i like another day in paradise & suburban teenage wasteland blues but i think from twisted by design onwards they really became something special. Element of sonic defiance is amazing

i love the way each one has its own character but is still unmistakenly strung out, i dont think i could pick a favourite cd

best live record ever

best live band ive ever seen
^^ i like the way you joined in 2001 but it still says UG newbie

but yeah, ive got 3 albums by em, and theyre pretty good, but nowhere near being my favourate band though