I'm looking at one of these for 130ish, it comes with a LD-74 Microphone, a US-122L Audio/ Midi Interface, Cubase LE and some various other crud. I don't need it for professional work, I just would like to record some demo-level material to post on our website, and for my own work.

This would mainly be for recording my guitar at home, our band has a few sm-58's sitting around we could use if we wanted to record a better version. Hence why I put this in guitar accessories, I didn't find any recording equipment specific subforums.
I don't see any questions... I have the US-122 and it's good, it's only got 2 mic ports so you can't really mic a drumkit but it's good enough if you are doing guitars and what not, it's lasted me a while. Cubase is also a good program, so if you feel like those are what you need, it's good quality so you shouldn't be disappointed.
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