Ok so I just got my cliplock strap today, and i opened it up read the instructions and started installing it. Here's my question; it said to put the black bushing through the hole in the end of the strap like where the metal part is. Well the bushing thingy is too large in diameter to fit in that hole.
Do I just leave it the way it is and not try to put it through the hole?
Do I have to use the bushings?
Is it supposed to fit in that hole?
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I'd help you if i could, but i dont use those.
Good luck with that though.
i think i'm just going to take off the bushings because it actually seems to be more secure without them since they just stick out and all. the strap has like metal ends i'm sure it won't break.
how can it be too big, just use the ones that came with the strap and use the screws that came with it aswell. I own 2 cliplocks and never heard of such problem.
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i am using everything it came with. the screws fit fine, but it says to place in plastic black bushing into the metal hole of the strap and then put the screw through that. the bushing won't fit into the metal hole is what i'm saying.