Originally it was suppose to have 2 solos, but the other player flaked so i had to change the whole solo. It turned out alright but i think it needs to be longer. Solo, what do guys think? Feedback please.
It sounds really nice. I love anything accoustic. The playing was good and the solo fit in well, with the exception of maybe one note early in the song. But even that note was too quick to really even notice. The recording was done well. But the guitar sounded a little muffled. Maybe a little presence will make it sound a little less muffled. But that's just my opinion. Someone else might love the way it sounds.

Good job!

people have said there are some notes they don't like, can someone further explain which notes exactly?
do you guys think that the song would sound better with an acoustic steel rather than a nylon stringed guitar because i recorded it with the nylon but i also have the steel.....
I enjoyed it. Keep the nylon string. I love the sound of nylon string guitars, so mellow.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
Honestly, I like the riff in the background rather then the solo. But they were both great!
the solo was mostly improv as you can tell, but i wrote the whole thing in about 3 hours.
The harmony was boring to me, I don't really like repeating arpeggios.

The melody is nice though.
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