Poll: What is your favorite 'crime show'?
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View poll results: What is your favorite 'crime show'?
CSI Miami
15 22%
CSI New York
1 1%
23 34%
Diagnosis Murder
2 3%
Cold Case
2 3%
The Shield
4 6%
Law And Order
9 13%
1 1%
5 7%
Criminal Minds
5 7%
Voters: 67.
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What 'Crime Show' Is Your Favorite?!
You know, like people running around shooting places up and giving crappy one liners, and wearing SUN GLASSES OF JUSTICE!!!!

Anyways, yeah.....What's your's UG?

I know the Poll options are a bit random...............
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Disorderly on Spike is pretty entertaining, Cops is cool as well.
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CSI Miami

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CSI Miami, CSI Vegas comes a close second.
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Hey I said this once
without a trace isn't on there
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
Sorry Rosa, that's my favorite, and I thought Cold Case for some reason...............Cold Case was supposed to be Without a Trace
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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THE SHIELD! No doubt about it. Almost all of the others on that poll are your basic cop show format, where as The Shield is about the Strike Team, dirty cops trying to cover up their lies and crimes with more of the same. Like it says in this video (with MAJOR SPOILERS) once it grabs you, it doesn't let go. I really really REALLY f*cking love it

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Does Dexter count?
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law and order svu

does that count?
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without a trace isn't on there

yeah without a trace is cool i watch it pretty much every morning...man i need a life
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Even though the running around and shooting up is not nearly as prominent as in other crime shows, I give this post a hearty +1.
I like Law & Order Criminal Intent only, that off-his-rocker detective is AMAAAZING! Other than that CSI Miami & Without a Trace are pretty cool. I can't get past the fact that the Without a Trace guy is so serious business but played Daphne's drunk brother in Frasier, damn fine actor.
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CSI Miami!!! You just can't get pass Horatio's sun glasses!!

And then Dexter if it counts...
Infact Dexters owns all tv shows right now!
Psych or Monk.
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All CSI Horatio is awesome but Grissom is the coolest heh.
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Infact Dexters owns all tv shows right now!

Not only TV shows, I prefer the series to a crap load of recent movies. We could technically call Dexter a movie separated into parts considering each episode is an hour long and a whole season is pretty much one storyline.
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I am in awe of your sizzling wit. please, accept this congratulatory e-cookie, and accompanying basket.
Law and Order CI...because Vincent D'onofrio is in it as well as Chris Noth....they're awesome on that show.
This man... is the only thing wrong... with crime shows:

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"ur a fag if you don't pronounce the lightning bolt in ac/dc"

touche. who wuzzit?

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OMG! smile_man, that was amazing.
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NCIS, but of the choices CSI
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This man is the only thing wrong with crime shows:

I...I have nothing to say to you... Horatio is fantastic!

As far as my favorite goes, it's a toss up between CSI Miami, CSI Vegas, and Law & Order.

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This man... is the only thing wrong... with crime shows:

I agree..... But the question is...... *PUTS EPIC SUNGLASSES ON* was it a crime show to begin with? I mean come on, that guy is just a one liner.

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It's caught me in its spotlight
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

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of the ones you listed, CSI Miami. i used to be more interested in the original CSI, but now Miami is my favorite. i still like the original CSI though. i never really got interested in CSI NY for some reason.
Wheres Taggart? Of those listed one of the CSIs, probably Vegas.
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law & order. only the ones with lenny though. if it's not jerry orbach, it's not law & order.
Of the ones on that list CSI (the original).

Of the ones not there, City Homicide, my cousin was on it (one of the victims, she got blown up)
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Out of those, law and order. It has the best theme music.

Does Dexter count? Because at the moment, that's my favourite show. NCIS is good too.
I'm going to agree with all of the people saying dexter... that is my favourite show at the moment. from the list, CSI Vegas or Cold Case. I also like Law and Order: SVU.
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