Hello everyone,
my name is troy and i am new to the forums.
I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
I have played the guitar for 6 years and think it may be time for a new acoustic/electric.
Currently, i have a Ibanez AG75 hollowbody, Aria AW-75 acoustic, and an Epiphone beginner electric.
My Budget is arround $700.
I would like the guitar to have a cutaway, natural finish, built in tuner, and overall beautiful.
I have a wide array of things i like to play such as Jack Johnson to Led Zeppelin to Say Anything. I would very much like the guitar to sound warm and full without plugging in but also good for a large audience using it in an auditroium.
If there is anything else i can do to be more specific just ask.

Thankyou very much,