Is it true that this picks can cut a string while playing?
Do they have good tone.
I find it hard to cut strings with scissors, so I doubt steel picks would have a chance. I dunno about the tone, give em a try.
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You ruin the strings a lot faster, don't think you can cut a string with one though
You'd struggle, but you wear down the finish of your guitar or scratchplate much faster than with plastic picks if you play aggressively enough to hit your guitar with the pick frequently. I also find they get filthy really quickly and leave a black residue on the guitar, not nice to clean off.

On the other hand, they own.
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No, they can't cut a string.
They can sound quite nice on acoustic. But on electric I noticed a squeaking sound whenever the pick would hit the string while the bridge pickup was on.

And they also dent the strings a bit.
I have a friend who made a pick out of a quarter modeled off a Jazz III. It's all he uses now, and he hasn't cut any strings with it.
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