Hey guys, right now my amp is a sad Epiphone 10w practice amp.

Im looking to spend about 250, wouldnt even mind looking for something used in that area, so even suggest something a little more expensive.

I play a lot of classic rock, and funk rock. I wanna get one that I can use a Wah Wah peddal with.

Any suggestions? I was thinking of a Line III, but ive heard bad things.
If you're in the US, then you could get an Epi Valve Junior, Blackheart Little Giant (Or the...Ant thing), or any number of 5 watt tube amps and an OD pedal. That should be pretty good for classic and funk rock. If that budget includes the Wah, I suggest saving up a bit more.
250 US dollars.. MY bad =P
But, the budget doesn't include the wah wah. My friend is lending me his since he just got a better one.
Sweet, 50 dollars is deff do-able.
Now, prob 60% i play is funk, 30% classic, but lets say I wanted to play some metal or punk would that have enough power? I mean, its not really needed, but it its nice to have options sometimes.

Im deff gonna check that blackheart out though
5 watt tube amps aren't exactly the best to play metal. It could handle punk (with an OD), but not metal.
^^ Seconded. With a Tubescreamer or something it could manage punk/hard rock, but I don't really think it'd be able to make it into a metal pinch-harmonics territory.
Ya thats fine, im not really a metalhead.. Just every once in a while ill play something a little punk. I enjoy listening to metal, just not playing it.

Im a funk person.