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Natural Relic
27 60%
Custom shop Relic
3 7%
Looking brand new
15 33%
Voters: 45.
May have been done before, but im not to bothered for the "search bar" deal. so anyway heres the question.

Which do you prefer for a Stratocaster ?
i prefer searchbar age
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You can't beat your OWN warscars! Natural all the way!
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You've got to love an aged strat. Nothing better! Fender's closet classic range are wonderful though
I think if I were to buy a Strat, I would buy it looking like new. However, I would then play it a bunch so it gets beat up. I don't want someone else to beat up my guitar!
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I prefer my strats like i prefer my women; old, beat up, and has been around the block a few times.

Kidding! I like older strats, especially ones from the 70s and 80s...mainly cuz I can get them for a cheap enough price used. I love being cheap!
I cant imagine why any one would ever want to unnaturally relic a guitar, seems totally pointless to me.

But a vintage strat is expected to be a little beat up.

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I personally like the custom shops. I mean I've seen some natural relics that are royally screwed up. With the custom shop you know you are playing a brand new guitar with all the benefits of a natural reliced guitar.
I actually really like the custom shop purpose made relic guitars. They are made differently to an older strat. Its built to play like a modern guitar which is great, but keeps that look. I might invest lol.