Well Guys after about 20 day of the Palomino ive got a few things to say.

First off, its a MIV version....


1... Sounds pretty good decent clean channel; pretty sweet for john frusciante "The will to death" type stuff. Overdrive channel kinda sucks. not to bad but its just ok.

2. The bass is way flabby. Its most apparent when you use the low e string. Maybe its the speaker.

3. If you play it over 6 on the clean channel you get pretty bad tube rattle

We'll ive got about 10 days to take it back to guitar center. I'm thinking about it. A friend of mine has a Fender blues junior w/ a greenback clone it sounds great. I love the tone. Its awesome for funk ala early chili peppers and its capable of john mayerish tone. I'm really thinking about it.
If you're doing mainly clean stuff that may be a better choice.
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That's weird....

My MIA one has the rattle on both channels, but I'm pretty sure it's stuff in my room. I'll have to take it outside to see.

But the bass on my MIA isn't really flabby..... Definately not metal-tight but not flabby.

You said it's a MIV right? I think I remember the speakers being a little different...

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If you're truly not happy with the V32, you might as well change it for that blues jr you mentioned.
i was jamming in a band setting with my v50, and damn it sounds good. problem is that it needs to be pushed pretty hard to cut through. like the clean channel is up to 7 or 8 outta 10. the driver channel is... i dunno, 6 or 7.
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