would tell us anything if they knew the world was going to end by like an asteroid or a flood or something that would wipe out everything
cause i was thinking(uh oh) and it would probably just cause massive panic and disorderly conduct and what if it were to turn out that they were wrong at the last second and now the world is a mess from everyone doing what they always wanted to do and what you know you would do if you knew you were going to die. discuss
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massive panic in the case of the Apocalypse is probably acceptable
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how would a government know about an asteroid or flood before scientists, and people who wear white cloaks and goggles? i guess it depends on the country, but the government doesn't control everything
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Sure why whouldent they,where all getting ****ed anyways so why not.
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I'd go on a sex montaush, killing spree, and a grand theft auto if i found that out...
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massive panic in the case of the Apocalypse is probably acceptable

Exactly, what harm can a massive panic cause if we're all going to die? What's the point in keeping order?

What they might think is how to let people die happiest, in blissful ignorance, or severe reflection and preparation.
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I'd go on a sex montaush, killing spree, and a grand theft auto if i found that out...don't tell me none of you thought it either..

I heartily concur..
the government is too stupid to figure out something like that anyway. it's what the scientists say that counts.
Why the hell would they tell you? Because it it DIDN'T happen the world would be in chaos and ****, so they would be screwed trying to keep order.
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Well we already know that Yellowstone is a super volcano, so they don't hide that much from us. It will block out the sun when it explodes.
I don't know... But I agree with what that guy up there said.

I would totally go on a massive rape, murder spree.
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
I'd sure like to know.

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I'd keep doing exactly what i'm doing now and die ****ing happy.

except with more sex


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No they would not tell us anything because they don't want to start a widespread panic

yeah i'm mean thats what i was thinking and not nessecarily just the government but anyone who would happen to know the world was going to end
They would'nt say because they are the biggest load of c***s in the world.
They wouldn't because in the event they can sort it out, the world would be in despair, or if they are mistaken then people would never believe them when it actually happens.

I think it would be something like in the film "armageddon", where they send out a secret mission to try and fix whatever the problem is, but don't tell the public till absolute latest. If at all.

I believe that happens in the film anyway, not seen it in a while, if i'm incorrect then the same applies just without the film.