At the moment, I'm using a Peavey guitar and I'm looking for a replacement. The thing is, I've tried a few guitars (even a US-made Jackson Soloist), and...nothing compares. The Peavey is brilliant, despite the fact the back plate is missing, and is covered with business cards with tape on, and the bridge is all rusty. For some reason, it sounds great to my ears, the pickups aren't too noisy, it sounds good clean or through drive. I'm just wondering why that is, maybe it's a poor man's Strat? If anyone has any idea about a replacement for it, I'd be grateful. I feel like an idiot still playing that guitar after 4+ years playing.
i love peavey i have a predator and raptor but the predator is nice...plus i throw in dimarzios everywhere i can.....but a good replacement would be the V TYPE SERIES haha its a lot of money but damn nice guitar, so i plan on replacing my raptor as well with another raptor............and predator with another predator.....haha.....just put in different pickups for versatility.....no 2 guitar are ever a like.
Well I've got a pretty hefty budget (£2k+), but so far the predator has made everything I've played sound like total matchwood. It's got a double row tuning peg headstock too, which I've not seen on predators before.