So I finally settled on a quality acoustic guitar that I like, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in this finish. The Epiphone Dove in Cherry Sunburst. Its beautiful and its right in my price range. Problem is, I can't seem to find any local or even online store that sells it in that finish. I can even order it off GuitarCenter.com or Musiciansfriend or anything.

Look at the listing:


It has an image of all 3 finishes, but you can only click to purchase the natural and ebony finishes. No sunburst!

And its like this on any website I go to. I called my local GC and they said they only carry it in natural. I hate to sound picky, but since its a big investment, I don't want to have to settle for a certain finish just because they have it in stock.

So this is a cry for help to the UG community to help me find an online store that carries the epiphone dove in sunburst!

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm sure there is a number to call. Give Guitar Center a call and ask them how you go about ordering it in that finish. Explain you aren't sure how to do it online and I'm sure they can do it for you over the phone or something.

Here, i've already done the leg-work for you.

* Toll Free phone: (866) 498-7882 - This is for Guitar Center.
OK so I called that number and talked to a customer service dude and he said that they don't stock that finish and he "thinks" it may have been discontinued in that finish.
Well, if you were willing to order it online, although I wouldn't do it myself, you could try looking on The Bay.
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yeah theres nothing on the Bay.

my journey for a quality acoustic that I find appealing in my price range is riddled with phail.
I realize that looks are important, but sound and playability are 10x more important. Don't just pick guitars by looks, you'll end up with a Luna or an Ibanez. And as we know, they suck.
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i don't know if these people ship internationally and it says to contact them for availability... but here's an epiphone dove and the details say it has the cherry sunburst finish:


your best bet is to use eBay. i know there aren't any on there right now, but there will be some to show up. what you want to do is search for "epiphone dove sunburst" and then when it shows you the 0 results, there will be an option to save the search. then you can have eBay automatically e-mail you every time it finds one for a specified period of time. do this and give it a month. i'm sure one will turn up.
I'd also recommend the Hummingbird- that's the acoustic I bought and it's great, and has the same nice finish you want. I think I saw the Dove when I bought my guitar in January and as I recall they are very similar. The sound is very nice especially for the price, and it is great if you are a beginner. Good luck!