Im looking for a new amp to go with my Epiphone les paul, price range up to 400 quid at the most.

Play mostly classic rock (like T.Rex, Cream,kinks and so on) with some heavier stuff like metallica etc. Need something that can do it all!

oh and just got a band together so suitable for gigging and practice with drums would be good

Effects would be nice but REALLY NOT ESSENTIAL!
hmmm im not too keen on separate OD pedals, something that can give a bit of distortion just from the amp would be better for me i think

thanks for your help
OD should work fine really. Try that or an EQ pedal/comboOD before disti pedal.

Good threadstart too! Can you go used? Where are you generally?

Laney or maybe a Peavey Valveking might work. Didn't do $ conversion. What is around you amp wise? 5150s/6505s? How much cleans do you need?
I'm in the North East England, there are a few guitar specialist shops so hopefully theyll have tons of decent stuff.

A good clean is quite important for some acoustic stuff too

ill check those suggestions out cheers

used would be okay i suppose.. but if the price isnt too much steeper id rather go new

oh i see youve got a Digitech Rp250, i was thinking about getting a multieffects pedal how does it sound? any good?

the 250 is just 'OK'

some of the effects are convincing enough but I got it because when I started out I had no idea what effects I wanted etc. so this was a good way to get an introduction if you will. It is only $150 new. Youtube it and I also have some clips of some of the different effects in my profile.

the things i like the most are the Editing software, USB, Headphone jack, express pedal, tuner, true bypass. I probably use this stuff more than the actual effects.