I'm looking for an ALL-ORIGINAL circa 1991-1993 Laser Blue maple fretboard Ibanez RG770DXLB, in as close to mint condition as possible. I know these guitars were made to be played...so a minor chip or two doesn't bother me, but I do require that the guitar be all-original with no modifications and have all of its original parts...including its original hardshell case with key, tremolo arm, tuners, Original Edge or Lo-Pro Edge bridge, switch tip, knobs, DiMarzio/Ibanez F4/C3/F2 or F2/C2/F2 pickups, truss rod cover and rear covers. It would be a real plus if the guitar still has its original "case candy" (hang tags, manual, case key, Allen wrenches, etc.).

Price to be negotiated depending on guitar 's condition and "completeness". <g>


Cat Daddy