ok, here we go my fourth song w00t. I don't like the piano being in this song, but sometimes my friend who plays piano plays in our band. Im gonna write lyrics later, C4C!!!!!
Angry Sad Song.zip
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hey man, thanks for the crit over on my little song intro thingy. I just downloaded this song, just wanted to let you know. It's a little late to check it out tonight (11:00pm right now), so I'm gonna check it out in the morning and edit this post with my critique.
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Hey thanks a lot for your crit on Orange Martian, I really appreciate it.

So, your song...is pretty tight.

The intro is pretty good.

The chorus is good...but there is no transition into and out of the chorus. It seems too sudden. Even if everything just stopped for like a measure, or even just 2 beats. Or maybe a drums fill or something.

The bridge is weird. I guess the idea is pretty cool....but I don't know. I just wasn't feeling it.

I'm not completely sure if the solo was completely on key the whole time. It sounds alright, but, I'm not trying to be mean, but I think you could do better.

After the solo, everything is tight. I like the clean interlude thing into the last chorus. I kinda like how it just ends like that too.

Overall, I'd maybe give you a 7/10. Pretty tight, but I think you could definately do better.

So, good job. Thanks again for your crit.
OK there's another post so I won't edit my post from earlier cuz it might get looked over, lol.

I loved the song. Although some notes didn't seem to sound right in the intro with the distorted guitar over the clean. I couldn't point you to exact notes, but there were some stinkers.

The solo was good but change the 10 on the G string in the first measure to a 12, otherwise it just sounds weird.

9/10. Thanks again for the crit
Testament Practice What You Preach Edition ESP Explorer by me.
What do you think? PM me
This song has tons of potential and its a nice cadence you are using. Yet I felt that it tended to be a little repetitive, the riffs were too plain for my liking as well. Id try to come up with some nice riffs other than chugging power chords to go along with your lead. The solo was pretty good, I think that was one of your stronger parts. Overall 7/10, nice work though.