Ok, the third fret of the high E sting on my guitar is buzzing. Should I bring it in to a store, and how much would that cost me?
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I had a buzz on my 1st fret e string, took it to the music store, got it fixed for free.
I have a dead note on the 15th fret for all strings except low E and high E..
Damn my grandparents for not testing out a christmas gift before giving it to me!

lol but im replacing the guitar soon.
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Get it looked at, chances are it'll only get worse, happend to me years ago.

Hey, how much does it cost?
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Hey, how much does it cost?

about 20 bucks. at lesast thats what the guy charged me. but soon i plan on refretting my whole board which is about 150
Ok, I just looked up some things. One thing I read said that I need the fret replaced or leveled, and another thing said that the action should be raised. I dont think the action is doing it though. But some people are saying it works. Should I try it, or should I just take it in?