I currently own a Dean MLX and an Ibanez RG 370DXGP and they are both amazing guitars but im looking into buying another. Preferably one without a floyd, because they are a pain to deal with, and that is under $750. I want something that is good for playing metal and is good to play right out of the box, meaning it has good stock pickups, sustain, action and so forth.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I got a Dave Mustaine Custom Warlock for around 750$
ALtho it came with a marshall amp soo it might be a good deal for you
ande seeing your name (rust in peace) im guessing you like megadeth
Schecter Black Jack.
Or I believe Schecter Hellraiser is currently on sale for $699.99 at guitar center. :]
theres more.....
If you're looking to play metal check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itAGvJQztb8
Also you could have a look around, you could find a BC Rich for 500-1800 bucks, but you're looking under $750. These are some prices from my Australian music shop catalogue.
A BC War Beast (BCWBSTGBK) -$449
A BC Vrigin 1 (BCVG10)- $349
A BC Vintage Celtic (BCVOGCO)- $599

Pick caefully however. Go to your local music shop, ask them to get models you are interested in buying off the racks or whatever and try them out!!
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