i know, but i just want some other peoples opinions on it too.
i'm looking at the green camo-like one. what do you think about the colour after owning it for awhile/seeing it. and what impressions does it leave on other people?
I liked it when I played it, but I think it's too much cash for what it is. Only a bolt on, 1 pickup with one volume. I think you're basically just paying that much for a fancy paint job and COW's sig on it. The 7 string version interests me, I would like to play that one some day.
its on sale at my local guitar store for 599. thats what interests me.
and it does have the emg 81 at the bridge, so it is a very good out of the box guitar.
I've always liked the Christian Olde. A bit pricey, but it plays and sounds nice. That's what counts.
yes thats right.
but what im really asking is, has anyone who've owned eventually get sick of the colour?
because i love the colour now, but might not in a year.