Hey UG. At the end of this year i'm taking a trip overseas to USA and im going to buy a guitar while im there. Basically i have about a $2000US budget willing to go more if its worth it and i play Blues, Classic Rock, some Metal and some alternative modern rock. Band references would be Muse, ACDC, Led Zepp, Eric Clapton, Radiohead, Metallica etc. I already have a Deluxe Tele that i love and a Maton Mastersound which i love but well.. It's good but not excellent. I'm more of a lead player if that helps.. I've been looking at perhaps a heritage LP style guitar, a G&L strat or a Fender Strat maybe even some sort of Ibanez since i dont really have a good soloing guitar or maybe a hollow body guitar? Really uncertain. So if you guys could help out please do:-). Thanks..

Oh they will be played on a Metroamp 67 plexi, Fender Twin and Probably some sort Soldano-esque amp when i can be bothered to build it.
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TBH if i was going to go LP style I'd probably go with a Heritage. Whats the PRS Mira like? And Is the Ibanez JEM versatile at all or is it just SHRED?
I'll 3rd the PRS.
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consider getting a custom guitar from Carvin or some other reputable luthier
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Well I haven't tried the mira but it has a full mahogany body and a mahogany neck with uncovered sc245 pickups so I assume it'll be kinda like the PRS sg or something. Theres a new one with a maple top though so thats prob got more high end. Looks amazing too
i would say prs andif you are going to get a prs, i would suggest a custom 22 or 24
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Definately a PRS. I have one, it's the most amazing guitar in the world.
Ok so PRS seems pretty popular. For what styles do you recommend them for?
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since ur going to america, i would suggest you look for used gibson les paul standard or classic, and deffnitely look into prs custom 22 or 24,
You could afford a G&L or Fender Strat AND a Les Paul. Not sure about Heritage and G&L, but you could get a used American Strat and used Epi Elitist Les Paul.
Can anybody tell me how much Heritage 157's go for? I cant seem to find a price:-(. And how much can you get a PRS CE24 for?
no no no no you have to check out either PRS/LTD or Schecter
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PRS or Les Paul Classic
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with 2k$ i would look for something like this:
Les paul with that kind of music.

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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remember to save some cash for import duty when you take it back home, unless your $2000 has already accounted for that.

don't know what it costs to import a guitar into oz but here in the UK it costs about 21% of what you paid for it.
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with 2k$ i would look for something like this:

The serial he put in his description doesn't match the one in the picture
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