Im getting a silverburst custom LP. Gibson =)

I kinda like the current pickups but I want to upgrade or change tone.

I want a (here comes the noob flaming) Slash (gasp) sound, kinda Motley Crue, you know, 80's hair metal. and yet still be able to get a great clean, like Johnny Cash or country stuff.

Im doing an upcomming tribute concert for THE WHO, so anything that could help me get that sound would be great as well.
Wait, you don't have the guitar yet you want to swap the pups? Just try the guitar first, Gibby pickups aren't bad.
slash uses alcinos, thats about all i can tell u man
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Do a quick pickup switch (might not even be needed) and it would fit perfectly.

EDIT: Damn me and my non-reading skills. I thought he said recommend a new guitar. Alas, I am the silly fool this time. But anyways, the buckers in the Gibson should work just fine. All I could recommend is maybe a '57 Vintage.
ive been playing it at the guys house.

dont care for em.

What are the best Alnico's?
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Your buying a gibson and you don't even know what an alnico magnet is?

You shame all guitar players. I hope its an epiphone.
One more question: what amp are you using? I hate to sound like 99% of everyone on GG&A, but the amp is making up more of your tone than the guitar itself.
I do know what They are, I dont know whats better, Alnico 2s 5's 8's or what.

slash uses duncan alnico IIs... dimarzio super distortion be good too for 70 and 80s metal
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im picking up the axe tomorrow =)

Alnico 2s, so like what, Pearly gates?
gibson les paul custom into a create gtd65, and you want new pups?

ps: wait till you play the guitar through your gear, then decide.
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I have Alnico II's in my Studio, I love them in there. They aren't very hot though, so probably not the best for screaming metal...but will cover everything you listed at least.
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