My buddy has a laptop and wants to record drums. He wants a firewire mixer (the one he wants is in the link below), but doesn't have firewire on his laptop. He was wondering if he can get a cardbus card for his laptop. Will it work? And if so, will it sound equally as good as if the computer was equipped with a firewire input? Thanks

Cardbus card:

if he has a card input you can use one of those firewire cards with little-no problem.

Instead of the mixer go for a PreSonus FP10 (Firepod) as its better and the same price:


Sound quality comes from the interface mostly but you should use a laptop that meets the min. specs for the hardware and software.
Yeah, he has a card input. But he wanted to also use the mixer for live as well, so are there any other mixers around the same price that have firewire, but can go live as well?
Well if you need to use the mixer for live shows as well it may be a good one to get but I dont use these products and don't know much about them so I will suggest waiting for someone else to chime in with their info later.

Personally, the only live mixer I would probably ever use would be the Yamaha 01V96V2, ($2,200) with the ADAT card, ($500) and an Alesis HD24, ($1500) to record. But thats a high priced rig...
Sure, there are quite a few good ones for light-duty live stuff. In no particular order:

1. M Audio NRV 10.
2. Tascam FW-1884
3. Alesis Multimix Firewire 16. The most affordable by far ($600).
4. Mackie Onyx (especially the 1640, which has a lot of those great preamps) + Firewire card. If you need 32 inputs, get another Onyx and firewire card and link them together. Seriously. It's my top pick here, even if it's the most expensive.
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