I am looking to establish myself first in the metro-detroit area, and then the world! I would be willing to play with every and any one. However, for my druthers, I am trying to get together a project that would play bass driven jam, funk, r&b, reggae (sort of along the lines of the influences that i have listed) but with helping to attain world peace as the ultimate goal. To me, what is the point in playing if not to influence the world. Like Elan Atais said; " I’ve got a voice but what is it worth if it fills the world with empty words? Words that hate and criticize are words that open no one’s eyes" Nothing could be more true, music is our pedestal to change the world, if we don't use it we are as bad as those committing the atrocities these days. I have great area contacts, i have booking agent(s) ready to go. I JUST NEED LIKE MINDED PLAYERS. So to this end, I am looking for a Guitar player, singer, keyboard player, horns, songwriters and more. So if you would be interested in joining my project, or if you would be interested in hiring me to work on yours please feel free to e-mail me at; nic@tasteofbass.com
or you can check out my clips on my UG account; http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/BassDude2737/
I look forward to grooving with you.
- The Bass Dude