I've got a friend in need of a new bass amp and I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good models. He's in a bit of a rut with money and can only really go for something in the $100 - $250 range. He's still a beginner, but the amp he has now is pure crap. It's some 40 dollar starter pack amp he bought at a pawn shop. He plays Rock/Alt, and Classic Rock. I was looking at a Marshall MB15 and a Crate BT25, so if anyone has those amps, or if you know of anything else in that price range, I'd appreciate some help.

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Yeah, (good) bass amps aren't as cheap as your price range more often than not.
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If he is not going to a band situation, I boldly bring forth the Acoustic AB50. great amp. Good tone. 2 inputs.
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If he's not playing with a band, the Acoustic or a Peavey practice amp is a good choice.

If he is, you're going to need to up your budget by a lot.

And I wouldn't go for the Crate or Marshall.

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