Alright. First of all, let me apologize if this is a thread that A) you're all sick of seeing and/or B) something that's covered in various other sections/threads. I know there's a thread for finishing and refinishing guitars, but I've got a few other questions and plans for my guitar that I'd like some help with.

I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I've become quite fond of after having done some customizing work such as replacing pickups, output jack etc etc

Here are my plans: I would like to:

A) Strip down the clear coatings and finish, but not so far as to change the colouring of it at all. (It's an AmberBurst finish) so that I can put a thinner sealant so as not to hinder as much of the natural tone from the wood.

B) I would like to do the same for the neck, but I would also like to shave down the neck to make it thinner as well as change the shape of it a bit, just to give it a slightly harder curve as opposed to the very rounded profile of it already.

The emphasis for my wanted advice is on the altering of the neck:

- What kinds of risks (other than screwing up and having to pay for a new neck) should I be looking at?

- What types of materials and/or tools (other than various grits of sandpaper) are ideal?

- Can I leave the neck unfinished like I've played on several custom models?

- What would the impact on the truss rod be?

- What effects will altering the shape of the neck have on the neck binding, or vice versa?

Again, to some of you these questions might seem basic, but I'm very interested in doing this myself and some advice would be very nice. Thanks in advance.
and yes u can sand ur neck, just dont go to deep
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