ok, so this weekend i think im meeting a guy off craigslist to buy a 5150 combo for fairly cheap but...i know this is a raw power amp, but thats fine considering mostly all i play is rock, metalcore, hardcore, punk pop


i think i might need some kind of pedal to get good cleans since my main axe is a hellraiser

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I've heard that 5150's were biased cold when they were sent out of the factory, so I would bias it and depending on the tubes, replace them as well.
i saw a video on youtube that tells you how to get GREAT clean sounds out of it.
search youtube for something like 5150 clean or something. its a big dude telling you how to do it
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Really, if you're not someone who prides themselves on their clean sound, the 5150 is fine stock.

It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, especially if you're going to be playing it at less than high volumes.
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