Does anyone know what the pickups in the Standard Strat are called, if anything?

Today I was in the music store playing a bunch of different guitars on a Blues Jr. that I put in layaway, including an American Standard Strat, a Highway One strat, a black Standard Strat, a Sunburst Standard Strat and a Standard Tele. Is it odd that the best sounding was the Sunburst Standard Strat? The pickups on it were the absolute best in the store.

It is for this reason that I am trying to find out if it is possible to just buy the pickups for a Standard Strat, like a replacement set, and put them in a different guitar.

The guitar at the store is okay, but there are better looking sunbursts out there and it comes with a rosewood fingerboard with only 21 frets, whereas I would prefer a maple one piece with 22 frets. Does anyone know whether the stock pickups in the MIM Strat are available for purchase separately?

Is it stupid to buy this guitar knowing that in a year or two I might replace the neck or just take the pickups and wiring out of it and put it in an American standard? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance everyone.
I think they might be Tex-Mex pickups, or just Standard Pickups that aren't avaliable as replacement pickups. But on ebay you can find the Standard pickups pre-wired and everything.
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The issue with that is that anything lower-graded than USA handmade are probably way less quality-checked (japan's the only exception), so you might just have found out the gem of the batch, it's not because it's written ''made in USA'' that all of the woods used are of the same quality, same for the mexicans, lemons everywhere with a varying probability depending on their fab. location.
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Gabe makes a good point - there are MIM strats you can find that sound great just like there are MIA strats you can find that sound great. It is relative.

I think Fender does sell the MIM pups but I know they are on Ebay cause people are selling their stocks when they upgrade.

Personally, I like the stock single coils in my start but the humbucker pretty much sucked.
Yeah, it certainly does seem like it is a gem of an MIM. The only reason I don't jump at it is because of the neck, particularly the fretboard. Is it just me, or does it seem that all the rosewood fretboards on Fenders are just bad?

My first guitar is a Korean made Michael Kelly. It has a wonderful fretboard, without dots, but the rosewood and the finish are excellent. It just seems that whenever a Fender has rosewood instead of the classic maple, that it's not up to snuff. What is your guys experience with Fender's rosewood fretboards?
Also, how much does a nice maple one piece replacement neck usually cost? I would like to find one that has 22 frets and jumbo frets, like the Highway One. Thanks.