I'm just wondering if anybody else here owns a Klira guitar? They were made in West Germany from the mid-1950's until about 1981. I have two different Klira electrics; a 1958 Arkansas that sat under a bed for the better part of 40 years, and a 1965 Ohio that someone threw in the trash. The Arkansas I have is in nearly immaculate condition, plays like butter, and even came with the original hard case. The Ohio was completely stripped of it's original finish and the headstock broken almost all the way off; I'm currently working on restoring it because the electronics are awesome.

Does anybody else have any? What model, (if you know), and how well do you like it?

I'll post pics if anybody is interested.
Haven't heard of the company, but I would be interested in some pictures if you don't mind...
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my grandparents have some old guitars but i could never tel what they were

could you post pics of yours cuz maybe they look alike maybe its the same brand
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