I took a song I wrote a looooong while ago (saltyeggshells, random name I know) and re-did it to make it sound better.
How much better is the improvement, and how can I improve it more? I'm thinking about making it go into a prog-type thing, or maybe incorporating some of these riffs/solos in a whole new song, but what is your input on all this?
Keep in mind the solos are just filler, if I ever recorded the song, I'd probably take the cool licks from the GP5 and improv the rest.
Will C4C too if you have a link in your sig/throw me one
its a bit too repetitive. what u could do is take the rythm from the old song and how its kinda faster sounder, and maybe switch it up and put that part in the new song too.
Hmmm, well its not bad. The riffs were too simple for my liking, and a tad repetitive, also if you sped it up I think it would flow better (but don't write something your cant play). The solos sounded good in some sections and have a eastern sound to them, but then again you used the same scale a lot for instance going from 19 to 17 up and down the fretboard, that blues scale is nice but overused in a lot of music so I would try and look for some new scales or just sound it out to the riff....learn to improv from your head without a guitar in your hands! Then you'll truly no know boundaries when writing songs. Good song, again its not bad but there are a lot of improvements to be made.

Good work though, keep at it. Check mine if your have time (in my sig), maybe get some ideas?