I know if this is the right forum but I am baffeled at Jon Schaffers gallops,I look at tabs and they are not typical gallops can any one explain the rhy techniques Schaffer uses often to play his jaw dropping riffs?
well any of them they seem to have rhythms like this in general

all on the low e
Ok, there he's just adding in an extra note between gallops, so it's timed E, ssE, E, ssE, E
I recommend alternate picking the whole thing. If you do, each set of four notes starts as a down stroke (it's broken up into a set of 1+3, which makes 4 notes per larger set). Keeping a downstroke on the downbeat makes timing the riff easier.
In that case should it be 0-0000-0000-0000. In which case he's using sixteenth note triplets and the timing is :

Each beat. If you separate out the fourth 0 in each set how you did, the timing becomes e-sse for each set. If you give me an example song I'll check out what he actually does so I can help better.