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I'm going on vacation to ocean city next month, so i figured i'd make some extra cash by playing my acoustic guitar on the boardwalk.

So far i'm gonna play some originals, and an instrumental made for acoustic guitar...but what are some famous or good songs that people would like/could relate to that i can play on acoustic guitar?
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Bruce Springsteen - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

The song lends itself to a boardwalk - and there's a pretty good chord chart here on UG. (It's listed just under "Sandy")

Glad I could help.

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Under the Boardwalk.

But anything acoustic and easy to listen to. Dispatch. Bob Dylan.
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Wonderwall, obviously.
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That one song from Juno because everybody knows it. Walking on Sunshine?
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Under the bridge, just like Frusciante's video on acoustic.
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Anything by Neil Diamond.
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Check out some John Butler stuff, such as Ocean, its a beautiful instrumental
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Bruce Springsteen - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

The song lends itself to a boardwalk - and there's a pretty good chord chart here on UG. (It's listed just under "Sandy")

Glad I could help.

Anything by Bruce Springsteen really. He's pretty much the king of the Jersey shore.
I don't know anything specific, but take some time to learn a few songs that are usually played on the radio today. As stupid as it sounds, you can get quite a few kids interested in what you have to play, then go into the more obscure/older things. Consider it an introduction into purification of the musical mind.
thanks for the far here's my list:

wonderwall by oasis
stairway to heaven by led zeppelin
hemorrhage(in my hands) by fuel
i am the highway by audioslave
broken by seether
if you could only see by tonic
wasting time by default
say by john mayer
under the bridge by RHCP
rain by breaking benjamin
nutshell by Alice in Chains
Black by Pearl Jam
Big Empty by STP
Lie to Me by 12 stones

i think i need to work on getting a permit to do this too...
The live acoustic version of the light and the glass by coheed and cambria.
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seeing as how no ones mentioned it, it might be illeagl to sit and play for money so you might wanna check that out first
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Tattoo by The Who
Career Opportunities, White Riot by The Clash
Heat of the Moment by Asia
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The live acoustic version of the light and the glass by coheed and cambria.

Beat me to it. And there's even a powertab version of it here.
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down by the seaside - led zeppelin
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Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.. might be kind of hard to pull off though.

and about the legality of it all, do people really ever get arrested for busking illegaly? i doubt it, i'm sure you could just say oh my bad and stop playing. g-luck
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pretty much anything by bob dylan
especially knockin on heavens door
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Margaritaville -Jimmy Buffett
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I think it's also worth pointing out that Jersey girls > Maryland girls in every conceivable manner, but must notably easiness.
lol, Misery Business - Paramore.
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I was there about 3 days ago. Some of your competition may include:

- A banjo player
- An old man that plays several lame instruments at once.
- Some "Bro" acoustic players. (ie: aeropostale T's and sideways visors)
- And a Catholic preacher which drew the biggest crowd.

It depends on what you want, for chicks play songs skanky 17 year olds will know. But since you want money i'd go with some more mature classic songs.
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All In the Waiting - Buckethead. Great song. Get a portable acoustic amp and a looping pedal so you can do some rhythm parts as well.

Or Padmasana, even though it's somewhat lengthy, I really enjoy it. I tabbed it too.
i was there the other week and there was a dude making weird sounds into some weird long tube instrument that i have no idea what it is called. if i woulda been high, it woulda been the funniest thing ive ever seen.
Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Poison.
Hate the song, but it'll either net you some attention or people will just think you're another douchebag with an acoustic guitar and no job.
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