Is this game worth paying over $150 for?? i have Guitar hero 3 but im really bored of it and it just isnt fun anymore. So i was thinking about getting rock band. I wanted to get it cause theres so many downloadable songs for it and i really wanted to play drums on it. My friend said its a lot of fun but i want some more advice on it.

So is it worth getting it?
If you have the money, and nothing better to spend it on, go for it!
On second thought, RB 2 is coming out soon...
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IMO, you should've bought it a long time ago. Easily the best music game out there.
But if I were you, I would wait until rock band 2, it's going to be so much better, and the downloadable songs from the first one are downloadable on the second one. It comes out in the fall anyway.
GH4 is going to have drums, and from what I've seen, an amazing set list. You should probably wait for that to come out or RB 2 as stated above.
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GH 4 is going to have a five pad drum set with 2 of them above the others (symbols) and a heavier duty bass pedal then the RB one had we had a RB set out here in Iraq for about 3 months before we trashed the drums, guitars still held up well though!
I think that you can get it now and then not have to but the peripherals for RB2, but I think they're reworking them anyway.

It's a lot of fun, but I don't have it (I only have a PS2, and I want to be able to create characters...). I always play it at friend's houses or wherever they have it out.

GHIV is going to kick ass as well, but I'd need a full setlist from GHIV to compare it to RB2, although RB2 has some killer songs (if you care what songs I'm talking about, which I doubt you do and I don't feel like reposting here, it's on my blog).
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The RB peripherals are pretty flimsy. Everyone I know broke the bass pedal on their drum set and the guitar feels really cheap.
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