ok whats more important to a song...the way the song sounds or the lyrics?

what is the most important part of creating a great song?
Both, instead for instrumental songs ... or vocal songs ... I guess.

I think that usually, the music and how the music sounds will give the general feeling of the song, as for lyrics, they could give more details, or tell clearly what's happening in the story of the song.
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All of the above. Plus, passion and I guess luck (as far as a successful song goes).
what do you listen for in a song?
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I agree, it has to be both. I find now days that many songs have either horrible vocals and lyrics and excellent music, or great music and HORRIBLE lyrics and vocals. It really annoys me, there needs to be a fine balance of both
you need both...good sound and good lyrics...if you have both then you have a great song.music is a combinaton of things...you need a little bit of everything to make it sound good

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I don't think it matters.
Every song is a different entity unto itself.
The answer is: Neither, Both, Lyrics, Music, Silence
Pick one. They are correct.
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balance is an extremely important part of the songwriting process. there needs to be a degree of quality (not equality)between the lyrics and music. in other words, the complexity of music and lyrics needs to be at a certain skill level in order for the two to complement one another. you cannot have, for example, a "under-harmonized" singer with an advanced musical band. it wont work out. thats where the quality comes in.

unfortunately, not everyone is a musician. musicians are more prone to listen to the music more intently. to remember it more thoroughly and notice things in it. its inherent.

the common listener, on the other hand, is drawn more toward the lyrics. the singing. its appeals more to their audible senses because they can understand lyrics (words). not everyone understands music, per se. not everyone has that talent and/or interest.

so in essence it all depends on who your audience is.
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