Metalcore has been done so many times by MANY bands, so how does one become original in that genre. because im playing riffs in my head, and when i think of it again it will remind me of a bigger band.. any technique to make your selfs original?

Help for the sake of my band becoming just another crap in the world
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just dont think about one genre, create what you think sounds awesome based on tons of styles (that you hopefully listen to and are influenced by).
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Don't restrict your self to any number of genres


Learn Jazz and blues. Then Classical, and funk and EVERYTHING you possibly can.

Then shove it in a blender and make something multicolored. If it bites, kill it.
do wat you think sounds good...watever you make will b orginal...you could combine other genres into one genre and play like that..i wish your band the best of luck

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what i do whenever im dueling a metalcore guitarist, is play what he plays backwards, cause its usually a descending typical metal riff, and playing it backwards puts a happy, original spin on it
thank you everyone for the input, how does one learn each genre of music?( for example im really digging incorporating jazz and classical into our music) im teaching myself music theory and im only just scratching the surface but ive never been taught how to apply the theory to the music, i know its alot to explain so maybe theres a site or something?

Ive visited musictheory.net and that was alot of help but it doesnt show how to apply

thanks again!
Schecter Hellraiser C-1
schecter Damian 6 string
Jackson Dinky Dk2
Peavey 6505+
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If you call yourself a metalcore band, you're already unoriginal.
Incorporate other genres. Screw restrictions if you don't have them.
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