so our band is usually a rock band. but we were asked to do a coffee house gig. so i was thinkngi the music should be liek acoustic, some jazz and maybe some clean electric and light drums and stuff liek that. does anyone have suggestions for bands or songs that we should listen to?
Just do some unplugged crap, I wouldn't suggest getting into the whole " Bongo's and Sandals" thing, just play some John Mayer if you're into that but I'd say some acoustic Pearl Jam would go over well.
john mayer, jack johnson, and dave matthews are all really fun ones to play and to listen to.

id suggest Vultures or Gravity for JM, Cookie Jar or Taylor for JJ, and Satellite or Crash Into Me for DMB
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Dispatch, Dave matthews, Rhcp, Tom Petty, Sublime, Hendrix, Counting Crows,

more or less this...

maybe some SRV?
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do you folks like coffee?

well make you scream, for your cream.
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do you folks like coffee?

well make you scream, for your cream.

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i would say jack johnson is pretty cofee housey
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coffee hose? sounds delicious
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