ok yea yea i know the tabs are here for it but how many times do i strum the C G A D chords? like how many times do i strum the C chord.....same question with the C G C Em C G D???

plz help
listen to the song for strumming patterns...?
What the hell were you thinking?

i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.
listen to the song, learn the lyrics and then play what feels right, if you have the chords and listen to the words you will get a good idea of where the chord changes come in and you should be set from there
listen to the song for timing, its pretty much one chord per line of verse, but the D is like a:

And the chorus is:
C--------------- G
sad woman take it slow
and everthing will work out right
C------------------G-------------------D(like above)
All we need is just a little paitence

I know this isnt perfect or really answer your question, but I hope it helps somewhat.
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