I have a mildly extensive amp rig that's making some weird noises. Whenever I play a really low chord or note (especially when it's palm muted) I get a really deafening deep tone that seems to resonate throughout my cab for a second or so after I've stopped the strings. It even seems like the speakers are distorting a little. This happens at most volume levels and only on very low notes (lower open E, for example).

I've tried to turn down the low frequencies of my EQ, and this helps, but having the lows of the EQ turned all the way down is a useless way to run it. Turning the overall levels of the EQ down doesn't make much of a difference. It's the same as turning the volume down (which isn't all that high to begin with).

The base knob of the JSX Head is at about one and still the problem is about the same.

All other EQ adjustments do minimal improvements.

My setup is as follows:

I run my guitar through the first channel of a two channel 15 band EQ

Then I run the EQ through a Line 6 Pod Pro (the original, not the xt)

From there it goes through the second channel of my EQ and out through a small sonic maximizer

Then into the clean channel of my JSX head

And finally, through a Peavey 4x12 closed back Sheffield equipped cab

Also, when I hit a really high note, I get a weird vibrating sound instead of a clean note.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
maybe its reverb?
natural or artificial, eitehr way, that might explain the slight vibrato on the high notes.

the low notes, you might have a damaged speaker, get it checked out by a tech.
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stupid comment maybe but..
fret buzz?

no. i know what he's talking about and i have the same problem haven't figured it out yet though.
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Does it do that when you plug straight into it?

Not as much, but yes.

maybe its reverb?
natural or artificial, eitehr way, that might explain the slight vibrato on the high notes.

I'll check that (I'd check now, but it's late). I really don't think that's it, though.

And I'm sure it's not fret buzz.
What kind of guitar?

I would put every single knob on 5 (middle) and try it. If the prob persists, I would take the head and plug it into another amp, practice or watever, and give it a shot. That way you know if it is the head or the cabinet.